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About Us

Welcome to La Vinotinto Shop, the first Website to ever offer Venezuela related Soccer Jerseys and other Football related Products to the outside world - we ship everywhere around the globe and accept over 15 different currencies.
Who are we: La Vinotinto Shop is a new company based in Caracas Venezuela. We are the first company to ever offer Venezuelan Soccer Jerseys from different National Teams and local clubs to the outside world, we ship literally everywhere around the world. Currently we have a small team that dedicated itself to storing and shipping the products. We sell our products through our Website and our Facebook store. 

Why We Created La Vinotinto Shop: According to recent statistics there are currently over 1 million Venezuelans living abroad, most of them living in the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Portugal and Colombia. We want to offer this vast Venezuelan diaspora products that will bond them closer together with their homeland. We also concluded that over the years La Vinotinto has become an icon of Venezuelan national identity, which is another reason we believe these products would be the most popular amongst the diaspora. There are also several other fans, particularly in Germany that want the Venezuelan national team Jersey from Juan Arango, who is a very admired player at German club Borussia Monchengladbach. La Vinotinto Shop is simply filling the significant demand there are for these Jerseys abroad. We have also recently expanded and are currently offering different international Jerseys from various other non-Venezuelan players.
Who we Represent: We Represent several important athletes on Facebook including Venezuela football superstar Juan Arango, baseball legend Bob Abreu, Josef Martinez, Fernando Aristiguieta and Rolf Feltscher amongst others. Through these Facebook pages we sell and advertise our products. These pages also work as a gathering place for all of our customer to share their thoughts on the items they purchased.