Kid's Toy Fruit Clay Rubber Mud Plasticine Intelligent Hand Gum Plasti

Kid's Toy Fruit Clay Rubber Mud Plasticine Intelligent Hand Gum Plasticine Slime Toy


  • ✻ There`s nothing else like it! Kids love it - and why not?  Safe and non-toxic. Pour it over your friends` cell phone, keyboard, desk, or anywhere you imagine, to trick them! Non toxic, but please don't eat it!
  • ✻ does not contain industrial borax, borax water after debugging in line with safety standards;Suitable for all ages to play; it is beneficial to the development of children's intelligence, also helps adult decompress, and prevent senile dementia in a certain extent
  • ✻ Since this slime is extremely resistant and thick it provides a great deal of deep pressure and joint compressions, As you squeeze, fold, roll, and even pull the slime, you are sending signals to your brain that are calming and organising
  • ✻ Do manual work is delicate, comfortable feel.In stress, anxiety and distracted, can press repeatedly, to adjust the mood
  • ↳ We have great faith in our amazing toys. After all, Before shipment, we have checked and tested every product, however, If your toys doesn't turn out to be what you expected, don't worry! Just contact us and we are here for you any time!

Product description:

Undoubtfully, this is the best chance to company with your children,, you don't need to say anything, just sit here and watch, cherish the moment with your little baby.

✻Product Packaging: 1* PC Luminous Slime barrel

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